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My name is Lars. I have all my life been greatly interested in what's beyond what we can see and perceive with our limited senses. Very early in life I could hear and see more than what others could see. I thought that everyone saw and perceived the same as I but realized later that it was not so

I have practicing meditating regularly since 15 years of age and in this way developed a method that has taken me to deeper states of consciousness where I could ask questions and have received answers. Later, a meeting with a medium named Terry Evans get me interested in working with a form of meditation, he developed called the Mountain Meditation. I attended a training in this method and led groups in this for a number of years. This method focuses more on the personal development of an awareness of their own actions in life.

I had thoughts of conduct medium training and started doing this but realized and felt that it was not my way right. I retinue developments in hypnosis technique o above all the technique of regression, this got me headed in to follow Dolores Cannon's work, she had for many years been active in this area.

I felt that this reasoned with my interests and previous experience, so where I find myself now in my development, I have contact with many practitioners of this method both in the US and developing Europe. This technique for me has opened his eyes that there is so much more than what we have in this density opportunity to present perceive, Fast was aware that we all carry the ability to always open up to the knowledge that we have had since ancient times


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